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Why Waiting, Wasting time and money - Get Smart !

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Good Bye Wastage

Zero Wastage, Reduce overlapping at joints, Factory Readymade Steel, so no chance of wrong shape or size; perfect accuracy of angles at corners - perfect beams...

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Savings on Steel Cost & Faster Constructions

Major cost savings on wastage, storage, labour and pilferage, not only that - Time taken to cut & bend bars is saved, Just buy RBS Readymade Steel and fix in structures.

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"RBS Readymade Steel speeds up your construction and brings down your Construction Costs by minimum 11% - to know more : Call us !"

RBS Smart Steel Advantages

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RBS Readymade Steel saves time on our construction. Now you have no need to store Steel, No need to cut and bend steel on site, Just order steel and receive it when you need it...

  • Zero Wastage - No overlapping, Perfect Shapes.
  • Faster construction - Just buy ready to use RBS Ready made steel and start construction.
  • Perfect bending - Now get perfect angles on bends
  • Bending Shapes that are manually Impossible are now possible with RBS Ready made steel.

RBS Readymade Steel

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The product range of Readymade Steel includes not only factory fabricated reinforcement steel bars cut into various shapes and sizes like cranked bars, stirrups, verticals, column /beam cages etc. but also pre-fabricated cages and welded wire mesh fabric.

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